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NexxtGrip® introduces the new generation of modular sports flooring with a patented 3-dimensional resiliency surface for prevention of the health of the player.

NexxtGrip® sports courts consist of square tiles that are assembled to one full-size surface. A NexxtGrip® court can be laid out on any flat surface, preferable concrete, asphalt or similar.

The installation is simple as the tiles arrive pre-assembled into 4×4 tiles. The layers can easily be fixed together according to the plan of the court layout. Once the court is laid out, it is ready for action!

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The next generation of modular flooring tiles systems on the market.

The revolutionary interlocking mechanism in combination with the newly developed 3D-resiliency honeycombed structure surface ensures a slight rebound of the surface.


All-weather sports tile – the universal sports flooring tile

The unique locking mechanism in combination with the spring reaction coupling make the individual panels vertically movable on all sides.


- 3-D Resiliency to avoid injury
- 40% less strenuous on muscle joints
- Absorbs the Expanding and Shrinking
- Less burnings due to falls
- Superior grip and traction
- Revolutionary locking system
- Innovative technology
- Ongoing product development
Get more for your money!
- Outstanding cost/performance ratio
- Competitive purchasing price
- Low maintenance cost

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