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Tiles for Professional, Amateur & School Sports Flooring

WHAT IS NexxtGrip®?

Through inputs from sports organizations and associations, engineers, and sales experts we developed our products with our Swiss partners Noventa AG and Tide Ocean SA to a high degree of perfection. The know-how of Nexxtgrip® with his partners results in mature and innovative high Swiss quality products and led to a collaboration with one of the worldwide leading companies in master batching and compounding.

Together with the two internationally renowned injection molding companies, NexxtGrip® produces today one the best and innovative modular sports flooring system sports courts.

As of today, NexxtGrip® has achieved its mission to introduce the best plus one quality sport tiles for the best prices in the global market. NexxtGrip® is active in more than 20 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa and has developed specialized products for each geographical market.

In order to achieve optimal conditions for expansion into world-wide markets, NexxtGrip SA and his partners are headquartered in Switzerland.


Our technology partner Noventa AG, headquartered in Switzerland, owns and operates a first-class factory in Thailand and in Romania, All engineering has been undertaken in Switzerland. Swiss designed and produced in Thailand in the ISO and BOI approved factory.

From the initial conception to the shipping of the tiles, quality assurance measures are integrated in all processes to assure the long life of our tiles, backed by a 10 years warranty.

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